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Samsing- A Memorable Day Trip

Travelling has always mesmerized me, so has photography. One weekend, when none of us had a plan of leaving our workplace, we brainstormed for a day trip to a nearby spot. We thought of visiting the Gorumara National Park, the Jaldapara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve or the palace in Cooch Behar but finally settled in for Samsing, a picturesque hill village on the border of the Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts. It was some 60 kilometres from our place of stay. It was September 02, 2017; I, along with my colleagues, Anchila, Mandita and Uma started for the day trip in a Tata Sumo we hired locally.

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Empty Street NH17 samsing day trip
Driving through the empty NH17

In no time, we were on the beautifully laid NH17. It was devoid in dust, dirt and chaotic morning hassles we are normally accustomed to. With trees on both sides of the road and forests and tea gardens nearby, it was for the first time I was experiencing Dooars. We crossed the towns of Binnaguri, Banarhat and Nagrakata and diverted from the highway into a road that led uphill. On our way up, we halted for a good 20 minutes to settle our hunger; two of us had chowmein while the other two ate momos.

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day trip to samsing
A view of the hills and valley from the Viewpoint at Samsing

As we reached Samsing, the beautiful hills all around and the valley below took our breath away. The bright and sunny day that had seen us through, gave way to a cloudy day accompanied by cool breeze. Anchila had been to this place once; but for the rest of us, Samsing was worth experiencing. We stopped at the view point and spent a few moments before driving down to the valley. The Murti river was flowing elegantly. We got off the car and started walking towards the river. In the months of December and January, this place remains heavily crowded, owing to the many picnics held daily; but as it was September, we were all alone in this paradise. There were a few Buddhist prayer flags around the place and sheds built for sitting.

day trip to Samsing murty riv
The flowing Murty River

All three of them got down to enjoy the waters as soon as we reached the river and I started photographing the beautiful scenery around. The river was not in its full flow at this time of the year and we could have made it to the other side of it with a bit of effort. It was after sometime that I too folded my pants and stepped into a large boulder in the river. Everything felt so fresh, so light and so serene that it freed our minds of all worldly thoughts. After spending about an hour in the waters, we made our way to the car before the drizzle started to get heavier.

On our way back, we stopped at a couple more places, before calling it a day.

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